Director of Marketing & External Communications

About the position

The BLISTS Marketing & External Communications Director informs outside organizations, partners, and other entities about our mission and the work that we do. They oversee the external marketing of our events, workshops, and other programming.


E-Board Specific Requirements

  • Attend Bi-Weekly E-Board Meeting

  • Attend at least 1 of 2 General Body Meetings Per Semester

  • Attend at least 1 of 2  BLISTS Alumni Conferences Per Semester

Position Specific Requirements

  • Oversee BLISTS email and Linkedin pages (replying to messages, forwarding to relevant E-Board Members, posting on Linkedin, and sending out messages when needed)

  • Post brief event recaps on our website for major BLISTS events , and share via BLISTS Linkedin and Instagram

  • Collaborate with Alumni Relations director to create 2 Alumni newsletters per semester

  • Work closely with other E-Board members to develop important marketing campaigns for major events suchs as BLISTS National Conference or BLISTS Alumni Conference

About us

The Black and Latinx Information Science and Technology Society (B.L.I.S.T.S.) was founded
in 1992 at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies to address the lack of support for
Black and Latinx students interested in information science and technology. Our mission is to
educate students about careers in information science and technology, provide computer literacy
support, and help students build strong corporate and alumni networks. Since 1992, our
organization has fulfilled this mission by centering our work around Networking, Mentorship,
and Support. The impact of this work has spanned multiple decades, supported hundreds of
Black & Latinx students into careers in the information field, and inspired many more to give
back to the communities they represent.