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Foundations of a Society

The Inaugural BLISTS Conference 

Friday, May 28th 2021

Foundations of a Society will be held on May 28th, 2021. This year’s conference will bring together students, faculty, staff and alumni from the iSchool community, to reflect on the origin, purpose and impact of BLISTS, and mark the beginning of the BLISTS national organization. The conference will include open discussion, presentations, panels, and opportunities for networking. Foundations of a Society will serve as a launchpad for future collaborations, and provide insight to iSchools seeking to expand their support for Black and Latinx students interested in the information field.

About Foundations of a Society

Welcome Address

10:00am - 10:30am

Welcome conference attendees, introduction of BLISTS, and overview of conference

The Blueprint Panel


A deep dive into the purpose, strategy, and accomplishments of BLISTS and the experiences of those who have held leadership roles throughout the decades

Breaking Barriers Discussion


A discussion around inclusive innovation, and those who have used their information background to forge new paths in education, entrepreneurship and public policy

iSchools IDEA


Presentation by iSchool officers about IDEA (Inclusions, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility) initiatives, and opportunities for student involvement

Student Networking


Student Jamboard session centered on future of BLISTS as a national society and vision for future collaborations

Keynote Address


Keynote address and conference closing 

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